Artisans of Dartmoor National Park, Devon.
Project info

Blacksmiths and bee-keepers, potters and painters, weavers and wood-turners - Dartmoor National Park has one the most talented artisan communities in the UK.

In this exhibition, travel photographer Suzy Bennett goes behind the workshop walls to produce an intimate collection of photographs of the moor’s finest artists, makers and producers.

Suzy said: “This project is a celebration of Dartmoor’s rich creative heritage. There is a resurgence of interest in traditional skills and crafts across the UK, and Dartmoor is one of the creative hubs of this new energy.

“In a world of mass production, it’s wonderful to see that things are still being made by hand, with passion, honesty and integrity.

“We are increasingly looking for products that last and have a story. In these photographs, people can see exactly where - and by whom - Dartmoor’s products are made.”

The photographs were taken for an arts, craft and food trail on Dartmoor, set up by Suzy (