Michi no ki
Project info

Living in this complicated world, I look upon my surrounding beyond the “dualism”
– oneself and others, right and wrong, life and death. We need to go between two ideas or merge the two ideas.

In this collection of photographs, I am aiming to capture a hint of death in everyday life. This is not easy to uncover during our routine days.

We tend to believe that “death” is the end of “life”. It is certainly true; however, everyday life does not consist simply in “life”.
As a human being, “death” is not only the opposite meaning of “life” but also coexists with “life”. “Life” may well be surrounded by “death”.

I avoid manipulating artworks through camera tricks or gimmickry. Rather, let the camera take photographs, as photographs are a passive style of arts.

While I am taking photographs, I just simply react to the subject - not judging what is implied to be in the subject. When I go through numerous amounts of negative films, I occasionally get a glimpse of a new world which is beyond my senses. Even though it happens rarely, I continue as this is the power of photography.

I am waiting for something to come to me from the other side of the lens.
My style is about creating a slit in the curtain of life, and gradually collecting the inner nature of day to day living that has accidentally fallen through this opening.