Project info

My work REJECTED ITEMS IN A SECOND LIFE is the digital equivalent of my earlier works with analog film . Continuing my idea of using cheap cameras and lenses ( and taking advantage of their flaws ) , in this case I used an old digital camera with an old , low quality digital lens on it . Trying to combine my two hobbies : walk and photography , I strolled and strolled for hours in order to locate the images I was looking for . Pieces of letters , torn posters and even a rejected mask , became the heroes of my short stories . Destroyed by the elements and relocated either accidentally or by me , they got a second life as parts of my photos . No more informative or useful - to anyone else but me - they became heroes of the dark , surreal and poetical short stories I try to create . I want the photos of this project to make the viewers recall the tales of their childhood and remind them of the strange creatures those tales were making them imagine . If we consider a photo as a slice of reality , I want this slice to be as surreal as life itself can be .