Light Night
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Without warning, the circus arrives. Yesterday there was nothing, then one morning it’s there. The circus world is different to any other – it is a walking city that sets up camp and is powered by the imagination of a group of visionaries who work with the utmost precision. Wherever they go, they create a magical world filled with fantasy both on-stage and off. In the wings, the actors finish warming up and add the final brushstrokes to their make-up. But the emotions which fill the stage show fail to reveal the human side of these artists, because so little is known about the world behind the tents, away from the stage lights.

When they are on stage, everything seems rosy, perfect, impressive; they manage to do what few people in the outside world can do. But in the wings, as they wait to go on, they are subject to an intense pressure that is hard to bear. A stunt might go wrong at any moment, so, before or during the show, they cannot lose their concentration even for a second. Their daily routine, so full of inspiration, often contrasts with the harsh reality. A circus artist’s life is certainly strange: behind the stage, the clown, the acrobat and all those who follow and live in the circus, have their home: a home that most of them would not change for anything in the world.

They love the peripatetic lifestyle and the mystique of their lives. Everything is artifice, but at the same time real. They are attracted by the mysteries of the circus and the emotional connection with the audience. It is a jumble of emotions, where the senses are in constant flux. Their moods rise and fall according to the myriad of sensations they experience. You can feel the sense of risk as the trapeze artists flirt with death - the balance, agility, strength, flexibility, and above all, their innate, underlying daring.