F-You Norman Rockwell
Project info

“You should write a book,” they say. Instead, I take the memories from my head and create photographs; The specific periods of my life I vividly remember as a child, growing up in a less than idyllic family. These memories are filled with stories others cannot believe, while this is all I know. These are moments others would not dare tell one another - Memories of psychological “power plays” between our parents, and events where we as children could think of nothing other than to laugh and play. Our parents cringed at the sight of our actions, and we shuttered as children at the sight of our parents actions.

The title of this body is not directed as a personal attack on Mr. Rockwell, but rather on the deterioration of the nuclear family; the antithesis of imagery created by Rockwell’s commissions. As I started to tell others about what I was working on, friends and even strangers at parties began unleashing stories about their youth. All of the sudden I became a cathartic sponge for my community. In fact, I believe you may have a story to tell me, and I just may have the image in my head waiting to be recreated. This is a series not only about me, but about we as the collective whole.

These childhood moments that sculpt us are quite awesome, and not meant to be covered by the thoughts of who we think we are, or who we think we should be.