Animus Anima Dance
Project info

On the stage of our life unfolds an invisible drama that binds us together, a drama of endless plots created by ours moods and feelings. We are involved into relationships that populate our inner landscapes. Besides these actors comming from the outside world, everyone hides inside Animus or Anima, two elements in constant motion ... which are responsible for the differences in our psyche that define our belonging to both sex determine our gender. Continuous seeking, desiring, finding each other, breaking up, disbanding, an endlessly involving wheel of ing and jang.
The frenetic research, of peace and balance between solitude and love, even within ourselves that we all pursue, gives rise to this project.
Using the technique of creative movement I want to involve the viewer into this journey but leaving also possibilities of various interpretations. Theatrical environment where these photographs were spontaneously captured formed the ideal setting to fulfill the metaphor.
Exhibition in ARPS&Co Gallery Amsterdam 2008-2012, Amsterdam Italian Institut of Culture 20013, Ottava Photo Festival 2010. (All rights reserved).!__exhibits/animus-anima