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THANATOSIS – an organism defensive reaction used in case of predator’s attack, in which potential victim freezes still and feign death, then a predator usually discontinues the attack. The re-action of the stimulus further deepens this condition.

I have an impression that photographed by me stuffed animals, are living specimens and just froze still to avoid an attack from human being. Placing them in a museum on the background of artificial environment and presence of activity of human beings, which exposes the institutional character of these places, making, that omnipresent stimuluses deepens the thanatosis, and defenseless animals are not being able to free themselves from it. In the face of the sixth mass extinction of species it is worth considering, do museums actually have an educational function and in the past would their collections be the only chance to see fauna representatives. It is up to human being and his relation with the living world, whether animals would be forced to this metaphorical thanatosis.