From Tunisa with Pride, Struggle and Hope.
Project info

“From Tunisia with pride, struggle and hope” A series about real life in the Mediterranean country whose recent history changed the face of the world.

The current fruits of the revolution are nothing more than an expensive but not less meaningful small piece of democracy considering the persistent misfortune of the economic impact. The country is indeed doing well compared to other neighbors which are receiving understandably much more mediatic interests and international support. Furthermore, every new day is indeed a better one but the real fruits will only ripe in 10, maybe 20 years. Thus, It's certainly a long term generation sacrifice. Fitted with a hearth full of pride about kicking out a dictator, the Tunisians are in fact working hard despite a harrowing situation aiming to create a better future for their children!

The series present 6 single images referring to an “in between” situation. Every day scenes far away from political preponderance. Scenes where people seems to be stock between brightness and darkness, inside out and outside in, reality and awareness or even behind virtual prison bars. The series is intentionally half monochrome half in colors to refer this heterogeneous situation in a different way.
From the candid scenes, portraits and postures one can slightly read the emotions and imagine the feelings: “pride” from the past, “struggle” from the present and “hope” for the future.