Road to Dharavi
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The asphalt, the crowd and urban chaos not so alien. Two weeks in Mumbai and the trip to nowhere. Or to a conglomerate of all of them, with the desire to explore and to know other cultures. A trip, finally, to the darkest district of this hyperpopulated city: Dharavi. Looking for connections through daily life, connecting with people of all conditions and sharing unforgettable moments. Perhaps the famous spanish journalist Alberto Oliveras was responsible for the birth of my desire to travel to India through his documentaries, his way of narrating the different passages he addressed. And always attracted by the traveling spirit, I decided to take the road, almost three decades later. With no other purpose than to embark on a new voyage and another initiatory journey to discover and discover myself. The human being and the architectures of everyday life.

Road to Dharavi : Audiovisual
© Antonio Alay