99 Variations - Ongoing
Project info

My works as a self portrait photographer took shape in 2008, and it was not until my first exhibition in 2009 that I decided to have my work named 99 Variations. At that exhibition I displayed 48 images, which is about 50% of the goal for 99 Variations, 99 images.
Originally a commercial photographer, my desire was to intertwine commercial photography with fine art photography. My desire could not yet be realized as I was diagnosed with a disease, panic disorder, which disabled me from remaining fully concentrated on 99 Variations, and I had to put it on a hold, seeing how the transition would be difficult with insufficient concentration.
This year, 2014, I was invited to do an exhibition in Australia, Slovakia, France, Russia and recently USA, all of which acted as good spurs. With this, 99 Variations was no longer on hold. With the time that passed in-between me being diagnosed and returning to my works, I now consider myself to be purely a fine art photographer.
The remaining pieces before the finalization of 99 Variation will be different from the previous pieces. The photographer, who will still be me, will no longer be as visible, but will be a more subtle element within the image itself, appearing to disappear into different depths of darkness.
In the first batch of completed images for 99 Variations, I made sure to always have myself clearly visible, to have my body be altered, the approach is now, as earlier mentioned, more subtle. The procedure of the metamorphosis is now changed, I am to project myself through another subject, to penetrate, to absorb their beings. The subjects within the images may be misunderstood as mixed, or fused together but they are in fact co-existing within, the same space, the same frame.
Just like in the previous images, the camera will retain the role of an endoscope, which steadily gazes at the mythological archetypes from an historical viewpoint. By using the camera, I will also dive deeper into a great interest of mine, namely, the invisible dimension, ironically the camera is to visualize this while still remaining a visual product in the frame. I rely on the camera to fully visualize the result, more so than my eyes.