Project info

Luminescence is a series about an impressionistic view of Pennsylvania’s Unami Forest that blur the boundaries of certainty and fantasy. The Unami Forest is a boulder strewn area that is largely unchanged since the time when the Lenape Indians roamed these same woods. Contrary to the dark and threatening forests depicted in fables and movies, to me the woods have always been an inviting and welcoming place, a refuge for enlightenment and reverie.

This series explores and transcends the real with the unreal by merging different photographic genres. Through abstract impressionistic photography my intent is for the viewer to escape, if only for a moment, to a forest of ethereal beauty and solitude.

Walk tall
Strong and impervious
Inspire hope persevere
Gentleness in the air
Energizes the senses
Live simply and creatively
Hypnotize life.

Each is an acrylic facemount framed in an LED Lightbox illuminated from behind to accentuate depth, color and light.