Morocco hide and seek.
Project info

This project is about the mystery, a culture veiled but not totally covered. I was on the track of colors compositions, those special tonalities that pervade everywhere here, that play a leading role in creating the extraordinary atmosphere of Morocco. I'm fascinated by unexpected harmony, the coincidence between the candid life elements, people's movements, gestures that create a hidden labyrinth of layers. I was following the tiny line between light and shadow, researching what is not easy to be seen and to be understood on the cultural level in the country where still many people consider photography as a medium that can steal their spirit. This project is about patiently waiting, to be slowly able to get into enchantment. It is about the theater of everyday life, where the usual “common” recovers its weight and meaning of art. My personal interpretation of the energy of places and the abstract nature of things. I was trying to discover the culture, deeply hidden in the details, so in this way, it would be capable to preserve itself from tourists' consumption.