China (flat-pack 2)
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China (flat-pack 2):

Cultivating an aspirational consumerism and tapping into the wealth of the affluent urban population is a key feature of China's economic development. Shot in Shenyang and Chengdu this series of photographs looks at the wholesale remodelling of these Chinese cities into hubs of commerce.
The photographs work on both an abstract and documentary level; surface, distance, colour and architectural detail are abstracted in to vivid images, but the photographs also capture a particular moment of immense urban transformation. They peek through the hoardings of the massive city centre building sites, mixing the bright consumerist aesthetic of the foreground hoardings with the messy reality of demolition and construction taking place behind.
The hoardings act not only as borders of the building sites, but also borders marking the transformation from one type of city and way of life into another.