Wild und Frei, Carole
Project info

Since 2013, I have been accompanying Carole, who lives with her husband and sled dogs close to Fermont, a remote mining town of Northern Québec. She came from Belgium ten years ago to work in an isolated hunting area where she met her future husband, a musher, and followed him up North. Carole took over the dogs, learned to work with them, leaving on expeditions for nights and days in a row. Her daily routine is closely linked to the rhythm of the sun, the seasons and the nature around her. Fermont, a place to run errands and socialize occasionally. Since we first met, a strong bond established between us and she began passing down her mushing knowledge to me. Sharing the emotions of a life in the Northern wilderness in total immersion, I have been part of Carole's quotidian during several long-term stays. My research explores female instinctual nature following the traces of an inner Wild Woman, who seems to be part of the vastness of the Subarctic landscape that Carole daily roams with her pack of sled dogs, connected by a visceral bond. Sharing their longing for freedom and wildness, she is drawn in by the force of nature, becoming part of the horizonless white desert herself. Drawing on photography as a process, approach and philosophy, I use the medium as a compass to maneuver inbetween these visible and invisible spheres, these inner and outer landscapes encountered with Carole. My analogue medium format camera acts here as a passport to enter a magical world, this female space. This North which is with Glen Gould first and foremost an imaginary place.