Without Us
Project info

What does being a single parent mean? How is it like being a single parent?
What changes and consequences does a single mother or father face after the break up?

Without Us is a photographic survey that starts from direct experiences of the subjects to create a visual narrative of single parents' emotional universe.

Through a short questionnaire I collected the accounts of single parents who faced the delicate passage of breaking up and their answers were a very precious reference that inspired me in the shooting phase.

There is often a thin line of separation between the 'single parents category' and the rest of the world, and sometimes they are also isolated or confined to a 'ghetto'. That's why I decided to place a 'thin line' represented by some objects (a curtain, the glass of a window, the darkness, etc) between myself and the subjects.

My main aim isn't judging my subjects' decisions but giving voice to their 'interrupted families', a condition that I know very well because I come from a family of separated parents.
In the project I won't show children faces clearly but instead I'll shoot a series of still life pictures of object (chosen by their parents) which represents the kids.

This project is supported by eminent profesionals like Laura Romano, writer and expert in educational policies, Maurizio Quilici, founder and President of Istituto di Studi sulla Paternità (Institute of studies on fatherhood ???), and Annina Lubbock, International cooperation expert and Senior Technical Advisor for Gender