Unfinished Crime Architecture
Project info

The reportage “Mafia Architecture” was realized during my numerous voyages in the south of Italy where I could observe confiscated properties from criminal organizations. They stand like monsters, we can call them eco-monsters ,big monuments, symbols and shapes ,expression of a criminal style , capable of influencing contemporary architecture.
The ANBSC(The national agency of confiscated assets) set up in 2010, has got many illegal properties in recent years, increasing common patrimony to the detriment of mafia cosche,. In 2015 /2016 they achieved 3175 assets (apartments, lands, activities) .In many parts of the country we can observe architectural constructions realized thanks to criminal organizations. Some are abusive, some other never completed.
Finally the reportage deals with “what is never completed”, constructions, hotels ,luxury restaurants, myriad of infrastructures that have been partly built and whose works were suspended by authority ,because illegal and organized by criminal organizations. They are abandoned on the territory like iron and concrete skeletons.