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We all love the things that we love. I know that the phrase sounds ridiculous, but
it is true. As Linus of "Peanuts" fame clings to his baby blanket, each of us holds
on to some possessions that may no longer serve a practical purpose, but holds
some sentimental value. There's even a TV show that details the lives and
struggles of “hoarders” who compulsively acquire stuff. Even in the midst of the
piles of treasured possessions that most would refer to as "junk", the hoarders
wage a difficult internal battle to just "let go".
The following collection is set of photographs taken from objects stored behind
the windows of Ekbatan residential complex in Tehran. These things were kept in
there for a long time and for different reasons. One may say that some of these
objects supposed to be disposed in the near future, or they may be hiding just
out of sight of audience at home, or even deliberately has been placed in there,
right in front of neighbor’s eyes .No matter why these objects exist in there, It is
obvious that all of them had spaced away from the current presence of home, at
least during the day which they are hidden behind the curtains.
"latent" on the objects from a far distance in order to make audience able to see
things that they are not normally able to see. Things of ordinary life that they are
neither private nor public.
Perhaps it not so far-fetched to say that produced images in this collection
represent various types of allegory, like what we have seen in the art works of
René Magritte; The presence of heterogeneous objects in a simple frame that
simply is not possible to understand the relationships between them and does
not refer to a specific concept. Stored Objects are mostly familiar ones in our
daily contemporary lives which have time and space retained in them.