Because we worth it!
Project info

My work deals with the consumer fascism of the western world. The illusionistic slogans of the advertising industry are confronted with the images of a divergent reality. Inevitably you got to ask yourself, what is real - until now the slogans get a deeper meaning, almost of existential importance.

If today's commercial slogans are deprived of their own reality, you quickly realize that the language lost a lot of value over the years. Idols are build up and false values ​​are generated. In the world of the advertisers every medium seems to be right.

The work is about values ​​and their divergent weighting within two societies. The photos of my Tanzanian journey confronted with the slogans of the advertising industry. The slogans are withdrawn from context and become a new value, the photos are reinforced by the slogans and experience a new urgency.