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Located 8 kilometers southeast of Dolores Hidalgo, Ex Hacienda de la Erre is one of the emblematic buildings of Guanajuato.
The state had many haciendas, this is one of the oldest in Mexico, in its hull is dated 1534.
The Vicariate of Our Lady of the Ascension was established as an aid to the parish of the Villa of San Miguel el Grande. It was one of the favorite farms of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, said to have named the first officers of the Insurgent Army in the courtyard of this hacienda, which was then a headquarters. On the facade of the hacienda there is a plaque that tells of an important event that took place in Dolores: "On September 16, 1810, Mr. Cura Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla arrived at the Hacienda of La Erre at noon and ate in the estate.
It was the first place taken by the Insurgents where they collected weapons and instruments of tillage.
Its economy strengthens this community due to the fertile farmland in which the men of this region work, while the women remain in their homes preparing food, doing manual labor and taking care of their children.
The people continue the legend that the priest Hidalgo officiated a mass for the three thousand people gathered during the way to support in the Independence.