No Exit — Entrepreneurial Change in Cuba
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Cuba has a long history of shifting relationships, both internationally and domestically. As technology and tourism continue to influence the country, new changes in laws have opened possibilities for Cuban entrepreneurs. While global entrepreneurship has become synonymous with tech-savvy youth, Cuba has seen growth in cuentapropistas (sole proprietors) and cooperatives of all sorts — Textile factories, barbershops, sports, record stores, farms, and more.

Their stories offer a distinctly Cuban version of entrepreneurship; built on an idea of community vs. maximizing profits. Long, sustained livelihoods vs. fast-paced Silicon Valley-style exits.

I've spent the past year documenting these emergent fields in Cuba, including many of the grey legal areas most Cubans find themselves in. While the glacial pace of official change continues, the daily lives of the Cuban people have moved far beyond the tourism and tech industries.