Bianco Deserto
Project info

Bianco Deserto is ongoing project started in 2016 that want to be an external and inner request, to investigate ourselves, a self-reflection, at the present moment through the visible yet alluding to the invisible.
It’s a research on the fragmentation of light, shapes, and perspectives that allows me to represent the world photographically without showing a specific place, focusing instead on a mental experience.Through the images , my propose is a different point of view, revaluing every element that builds the landscape or a detail and our intimacy, being able to return to think autonomous, of free form.
I hope viewers can discover invisible or unintentional meanings through these visual.
These serie is made with mixed techniques, and installations starting from printed photography on fine-art cotton paper and printed images on concrete plates both made by same technic: cancelling the landscape with white color. Second part is a installations made of concrete.

Fabian Albertini.