Project info

One of the best way to describe a photographer is with his photographs.
Felipe is a traveler, a collector of moments and situations. From small smiles to long walks. Before his camera, inconsequential moments reveal themselves in a beautiful way.

A series of photos full of spectacular moments for the eyes of a person outside the context and the situation. A journey through different places of the world, where the everyday becomes extraordinary.
Why does the celestial color of the sky only dazzle us in other parts of the planet?
Why does the poster of a motel seem unique to us if we see many of them daily?
Why do we become accustomed to beauty and stop perceiving it?
The everyday. That is the answer.

When we become accustomed to people and situations we stop seeing them, REALLY SEEING THEM. We become observers of the world by omission, we lose in the eagerness and live in a present-absent state. See and not look.

This series is the result of recovering those moments, of stealing them to the Comuna #3 daily life. A selection of kids emotions that stopped being imperceptible thanks to a photograph.

A series by Felipe De Brigard.