Three Pillars
Project info

This body of work is a visual representation and tangible exploration of how I experience the invisible through the seemingly visible. This exploration involves an interactive and participative play with natures elements; the ocean, forest, and moon. These components are interlinked for me, accessing an outer world, revealing truths for myself around the great unknown reality; omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, the three pillars.
The work does not lend itself to a factual or scientific understanding of these elements, but magnifies their unfathomable verity in a artistic form. This is done by physically engaging with each component in various different ways; photographically, darkroom work: photograms, photo sensitive paper exposure and chemical play, where the end result is a captured embodiment revealed. Every result is unique to that moment, that time, never to be replicated in any way, holding a specific meaning which ties each series of work together as a uniformed whole - the awareness of the incomprehensible power that exists.