The Last Lights ( Las Últimas luces)
Project info

The project The last lights performs an approach to accentuate and interrogate the spaces of Spanish geography where bullfighting practices are exercised and which contains a certain specificity to focus or reveal stories of the visible. There is a reflection of how a specific context created, imposed or build a symbolic value. The project takes the form of an essay composed of different photos, documents, texts and maps which set tensions, overlapping relationships, echoes or resonances of all these elements presented as a cluster or constellation of materials that flows making a dialogue, contravening or adding discontinuities between all the elements.
It is a space where the dramatic relationship between death and art is presented and generate public discussion if it is really something cultural. It raises questions about ethics, sociology and anthropology.
One goal is to share questions, including semantic layers of meaning and question the images production mechanisms in this spaces where tradition, ancestral aspect, beliefs, fears, shows and faith are represented.