Unit Gender
Project info

Presented by Milan Photofestival, Sponsored by MilanoPride, In collaboration with Artist: Sheila Pizzighello body paint, Diego Saitta model and makeup, Hedy Nerito model, Mattia Galbiati model, Assistant Gaetano Gianbusso, Responsible MilanoPride Alice Redaelli
The first project was born from an idea I had for an exam which focussed on the artistic female nude. From there, I embarked on the development of the concept of “gender”. I chose a woman with hard features and a strong character. Seeing that the work was acquiring its own form, I decided to continue, moving away from just theory and heading directly into the field. I contacted a drag queen group and happened upon an old friend, with whom I had lost touch. Enthusiastic, and in perfect dynamism with the ideology of the project thanks to the balance between her simultaneous female and male beings, we began our journey at the epilogue phase.
It was a wonderful experience that has led to the deepening of our friendship, and the generation of ideas for the future. We thought of body painting because it was a direct representation of the otherwise abstract concept of how we feel inside, and it seemed the ideal way to investigate the male and female body forms, which are intrinsically bound together.
In contrast, the second stage, which focussed on the male form and being, featured a young man with soft facial features yet a sculpted body. Through the study of these forms, the aim is to make clear that the human soul and also the body is a unique existence, and that categorising things places limits on reality and on the life of every individual. Both in terms of equality and awareness.
The first phase comprised the study of a woman searching for her masculine side, and vice versa in the second stage for a man. The third and final phase involved an experiment in which the subject, through body painting, appears as both genders, with the intention of representing precisely the union of the human body and soul.
In summary, the first and the second phases represented the metaphorical investigation within oneself of the concept analysed, while the last phase was the "solution," the result.
There are 18 images in total, split into 6 per phase, and each one has a closing "twist". The 3 images will be linked together for communication purposes. The idea is for the subjects to display their approval towards the interlocutor regarding what outlines their character.
The backgrounds are all the same, white for the women, black for the men, and grey for the “hybrids” . The original photograph prints format is real dimension.
There are no limits to gender and forms in the body, but masculine and feminine appearances can be merged into a single unit. The aim of this project is to investigate, to experiment with what happens when two different but very similar bodies combine. Here we look to the mythical angels, pure and sexless beings, perfect hybrids with great love collected in male and female traits. Or to Yin and Yang, described metaphorically as the Water and Fire of the body, as two complementary polarities.
The body’s Yang activity is nourished by our Yin physical form, physical fitness is created and kept in existence by the activity of the body.
Each human body is a miniature of the cosmos, a replica of the “greatest” cosmos known as nature, which constantly affects our life and reminds us that we are all as one!
We want to move beyond the fascinating search for sexual identity that increasingly affects women and men throughout the world thanks to the emancipation and the breaking of absolutist dogmas.
Its a new dimension where one's being is sought and seeks its complement; where there is awareness of what man is, a unique species no longer divided into categories "men and women" but simply human.