The Royal Brisbane Burns Ward
Project info

These ten photos are a selection of about 70 photos I took with an iPhone while in hospital for close to three months. They formed part of a private photo diary that created while in hospital. It started after being in hospital for three weeks. I took a photo each day and wrote a diary entry to a private group of friends on Facebook each night before going to sleep. I wrote primarily of my own inner experience of being a patient in hospital, as well as my reflections on what I heard and saw while there. As I mentioned in one of the captions, it got very intimate at times, with a woman suffering a stroke in the bed next to me in the night. All that separated us was a thin curtain. The woman had come in late in the evening and I never even knew her name. That night I could hear everything as the doctors tried to assist her, she was wheeled away and I never knew what became of her....

I have collected the photos and my writing in an iPhoto book, printed 10 copies for family and friends.