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All the power lies in that tiny period of time when something catches the eyes of Coccaglio, whether it’s a situation, an object. Her artistic reflexes are constantly tested, as she never knows where the new source of inspiration will come from – is it going to be a random cluster of parked cars, an old basement where she places a couple of chairs and an old racket, the surfers’ party abandoned for the storm, or something entirely different… Known for working in series, Coccaglio has two quite interesting and unique groups of photographs: one is titled Hippie History, and it is based on the moments of her life and situations that are created thanks to the magic combination of natural agents of the atmosphere; the second, entitled Flowery, was inspired by the things surrounding the artist in her postpartum period. They changed her vision and perception of the world as she was experiencing an almost complete immobility due to her pregnancy, trapped somewhere between the joy of childbirth and the mutation of her body. Simple bouquets of flowers brought by her friends, the banana rinds left from my snacks, but also various new accessories of her baby’s – Coccaglio wanted to capture these moments for her son, as he will grow up, to be able to enjoy the objects that surrounded the two of them at his birth, immortalized in her photographs.