Project info

This series began as single images taken as snapshots in homage to the late Zaha Hadid, originally a research of the humanity, emotions, sexuality and tension within her DDP design built in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea and completed in 2013/14.

Eventually this research extended to Frank Gehry's Experience Music Project building in Seattle, USA. This addition to the series opened exploration into our perceptions of time. Using photographs of existing architectural structures in a process of digital composite, new architectural forms began to appear, feeling more like digital sculptures of the future rather than current building materials. (The images, while rotated, flipped and strategically arranged were otherwise very minimally retouched.)

Out of the creative process came questions regarding the future of architecture. What if buildings could levitate? Would it be possible through magnetic field or sound vibration? Couldn't floating buildings avoid destruction and save lives from natural disaster? Wouldn't it also lessen our footprint on the planet? If buildings levitated, we would expect a fairly Jetson's future. Could we find peace within a disconnection from our planet while still living on earth?

More philosophical questions remain, like what if instead of pioneering so eagerly into living on Mars we focused our collective resources into a more well-developed earth? Somehow Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry both left us inspiration and dreams with their architectural creations. Our upcoming generations of dreamers and creators must re-envision what the future should look like and how soon it might take this new appearance.