La Settimana Santa e le Processioni
Project info

This project, which is in reality a "work in progress" intitled "The Holy Week and Processions ",mainly came from two needs. First, a "PERSONAL" need, as Holy Week has been presented in my childhood, and in the small village of Mola di Bari, as the most anticipated period of the year.
And second a 'DOCUMENTARY' one, as I believe that soon these traditions may no longer exist, particularly because globalization is putting its halt to smaller scale local customs and traditions. Having moved to a big city, that is, Milan about 7 years ago, I felt the need to reconsider at these traditions with the photographic instrument, seing as in big metropolies the sacred and traditions are often replaced with other values and I wanted to provide images for future generations not to forget "what was". I decided in fact to structure the story with 10 pictures (actually the cycle is composed of more photos) alternating the first nine photos with an image of an adult, followed by an image with adolescents, followed by an image of the procession event, highlighting the contrast between the seriousness to the faith of the adult with the irony and sometimes even the boredom that distinguishes children / teenagers when they must attend sacred rites; two different ways of experiencing the sacred. I decided to close the cycle with the picture of baby carrying a big candle in contrast to the first image to point out the following relationships: Senility / Youth - Past / Future – Inward / Outward.