Project info

by Marta Cannavacciuolo Pérez

For years I made the search for truth, an inner truth, my life mission. This mission is complemented by the love for photography, lived as a privileged instrument of artistic expression, as a creative possibility to develop an ever-increasing level of awareness: awareness of my inner dynamics, the mechanisms that regulates my way to being in the world, the traps, the passions, the thoughts, the repetition compulsion.
The project originates from the will to investigate, observe and understand the many aspects in which my ego is fragmented, bending the photographic medium to my need for self-awareness.
The practice of self-portrait, in particular, has given me the opportunity to 'stage' that multiplicity of the self that can not be separated in its elementary parts, and every aspect is experienced both as a possibility and as a limit.
Alongside the self-portrait practice, my interest has recently been affected by the survey on family ties and the work on family tree. From this research, I have traced, within my family history, the origins of my deepest sufferings, by observing and understanding the high price that I am paying today, for something that belongs to a very far past. The pains, the sufferings, the mournings, the family dynamics, have been passed down 'emotionally' and, therefore, through a ultra-rational level. I understood the importance of recognizing and accepting that this legacy exists, which is part of me and that only in this way I will be able to relieve painful ties and free me from the conditioning of old sufferings, to open me to the possibility of a new, full, free life of mine.
For the purposes of the photographic project, the research about genealogiy and family legacy followed two parallel paths. On one hand, through the search for objects belonging to each of my family members; by photographing them, I have invested these objects with a profound symbolic meaning. On the other hand, the strong link I have ever had for my family albums, considered as memorial boxes, memory talismans, so important to create my own identity. The job want to be as a kind of album in which to keep track of a renewed awareness of what I am. Specifically, I chose to use some passport photos of my family members, considering them, in a sense, self-portrayals.
Awareness is a journey through family memory and its objects, through me, my body and my emotions. The goal, after the encounter with many obstacles, is the release of my potential, free of the constraints that, more or less conscious, limit my choices and my entire life. But it's even more than that, it's a tribute to my family, to the living and the dead, without which I would not be who I am.