The Things We Think We're Missing
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The Things We Think We’re Missing began after spending almost two years in Iowa feeling mostly homesick for the Pacific Northwest. About a year after I took the first photograph in the series, I had a revealing encounter. I was at dinner with my partner and his parents when his father received a call from his grandmother. She was telling him that she was in Alabama, where she (and he) had grown up. His grandmother, however, was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She suffered from dementia.

This reminded me that I often find the people and places dear to me in the minor details of where I stand. And I remembered the ability to truly feel like you are somewhere else. Throughout my life there have been times where I laid in my bed with my eyes closed in one place and genuinely felt like I was back in another.

I worry that I will never actually find home, but constantly be reminded of it.