Resisting the Athenian Riviera
Project info

Resisting the Athenian Riviera is a work in Progress documentary series about the soon to be disappearing beach residents.

The Beach Residents have inhabited - with the mayor's permission and help different abandoned buildings/containers on the beach. The past two decades, these micro communities of beach residents have assumed various roles, such as guards, gardeners, fishermen, and other essential roles.

However, the Athenian municipality has been selling bit by bit the Athenian Coast line to foreign investors, as Greece delves deeper and deeper in debt and desperation. Soon the Beach residents and free beaches will be turned into the 'Athenian Riviera'. A name you will hear a lot in Athens. An attempt to Europeanise, and perhaps a loss of culture and personality on the long run.

The Local beach residents indirectly represent the resistance to this change. What has kept the Greeks resilient crisis through crisis, is their lust for life. The beach, the fished food, the local gossip and the ability to live a full life without money. All of this provided by these goods. The ones that are easily found on the first beach of the Athenian Coast. The Faliro Beach.