The Bumforth Manor Collection
Project info

My work seeks to express visually a fascination with stories steeped in the bizarre, the erotic and the fantastic. Stories are told through an eclectic collection of clues; - fictional objects, artifacts and curiosities, cause the narrative to hover between the real and the imaginary. By careful planning, these richly detailed photographic tableaux are devised to invite the viewer to at first question, and then piece together the whole story for themselves.

In this latest body of work; ' The Bumforth Manor Collection ' I present a collection of photographs as though recently discovered in the attic of an imagined, long-deceased relative.
I have borrowed heavily from the Victorians using cues and objects seemingly from that era. The resulting images highlight a shared obsession with the unusual and the obscure, the dark and the inexplicable, creating stories that exploit ironic notions of colonialism, pomp, and the impact of the industrial revolution.