World Weariness and Earned Wisdom
Project info

The parallels between a city such as Rome, with its feminine and aged qualities, and that of a woman in her later years are undeniable. Both the city and the photographer possess a combination of world weariness and earned wisdom. The photographer embarked on a project with an aged Rome and its environs as the subject. Influenced by Paolo Sorrentino's film "The Great Beauty", both the photographer and the film's protagonist explore the Eternal City as a reflection on their lives and the passage of time.
The photographs exude operatic sadness and a sense of cinematic poetry. Ordinary people, antiquities, local shops at various times of day and night were chosen as subjects. Aging encourages slowing down, enjoying the commonplace and seeing metaphorically. The resulting group of images are a deeply personal approach to this vulnerability. Observations of the tactile, sometimes emotional melancholy of sensitivity and aging.