The Book of Days
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Every story carries another story hidden inside it.

When I look at pictures of my son it is not only what is portrayed that I see. I see everything that has led me to that moment.

I also see and feel all the ongoing lessons I am learning. The immense personal lessons that one learns when you are not only a daughter or a son anymore.

All the feelings I have been trying to learn from, deal or live with. All the expectations and all the longing for my own mother and father. The joy, the sacrifice, the emergency c-section, the toll on the body, the lack of sleep, the toothless smiles, the first teeth, milk teeth, the first steps, the mini adventures in the living room or in a park - a world expanded from a raw cocoon of sleeplessness and wonder inside a much bigger world... All that and the until then untapped selflessness.

All wrapped up in a blanket of new beginnings. All that has been released by the arrival of this little person, a little page unfolding daily; unveiling himself to himself and to us as we go.

It is a powerful feeling to know someone from the beginning. He might not remember any or only very little of this time... These are things that we might forget. The images grasp at all that and leave an imprint of a deep experience of love and personal growth - a deeper thread running through it.

All images by me submitted for the Magnum Photography Awards 2017 were taken on my Blackberry Q10 phone and have not been edited in any way.

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