A Walk In Alexandria
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In the 300 years since it was originally settled, the once gritty, industrial port area of Alexandria, Virginia has in more recent times benefited by virtue of its proximity to the seat of power. Located within the District of Columbia beltway, it is today the affluent home of defense contractors and white-shoe firms that serve the federal government.

The burgeoning renewal of this historic city is conspicuously visible. Leafy, low-rise neighborhoods are yielding to strands of dense residential towers on the west end. The eastern waterfront is home to million dollar brownstones that back into manicured lawns shaded by mature trees. Squeezed in the middle are the cleaning maids, sous chefs, and construction workers, who rent in the buildings marked for demolition and rebirth into condominiums.

Over a three-month period, in the winter of 2017, I walked the streets of Alexandria to observe the mystery and humor of quotidian moments in the lives of its residents. The gesture and tension in the lives of the young and the old are distilled into these six images. In the faces of the youthful residents and professionals: hope and optimism. The mature faces betrayed wary concern of their place amongst the upheaval.