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It seems only in Belarus, unique country in Europe, is preserved ancient tradition of treat with help of words and water. These people read a spell over the water. The patient should drink this water for three days, and then be healed.
The tradition is so old that probably originates in the depths of thousands of years, while the word itself appeared and acquired magical powers.

The tradition is secret, protected and closed to others. Sacred knowledge safeguarded and handed down over many generations from grandmother to granddaughter, from grandfather to grandson. What is there to talk about other people, even if among the descendants of carefully selected who can be trusted with the gift to heal people and animals, protect the economy from the troubles and bad weather, diseases sent by magicians and witches ...
Today these people are becoming less and less. Most of them are gone, so no one and not passing "the science and the gift to treat of the healing word", native word.