In Silhouette
Project info

I am a complete beginner in photography but it has become for me a New and exciting passion literally within the last few months. I noticed on the competition rules you welcomed work from beginners so I would like to submit my work into your competition for consideration. I have used my Iphone as my camera, I started taking photo's with it quite by chance whilst travelling and then realised how exhileraring and exciting it was capturing those chance moments and in that split second bringing together the moment in front of me and capturing it into a beautiful and engaging composition. I took this series of photo's during a walk along the Southbank in London, I turned a corner towards the Tate Modern and found a crowd of people engaging with a steam installation. This was a wonderful moment for me as a beginner, it gave me the perfect opportunity to practise my composition and to master all the contrasts this wonderful moment had provided. I returned again at night knowing the darkness would create an even more striking silhouettes against the steam and enjoyed the delight in which people took in loosing themselves in the moment. I had tremendous fun taking these shots and they really pushed me to think hard about all the nuances of taking them and has pushed my photography in a new direction - I hope you enjoy them too!