Project info

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a quiet observer of the world around me. I recall pressing my face on the cold passenger car door window as my mom would drive through town, cataloging the details of the imagery that passed by far too quickly. I knew I needed to find a way to slow time and linger more. In high school, I swapped the familiar car window for a Holga camera. I quickly discovered that once the Holga was pressed against my forehead, I had the power to stop time. The only thing that was missing was active engagement with my surroundings. While I could interpret the interactions I was photographing, I was missing the deeper story because I was too shy to interact. This has continued to be an uphill battle for me, however; as I have aged, I have become bolder with my photography. Where I used to stealthily snap photos with a telephoto lens, I now use a 35mm which forces me to intimately interact with my subject. In a sense, I no longer take pictures, I make them. I feel that the photographs and accompanying descriptions represent my philosophy as a photographer – truthful, candid and intimate.