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Female circumcision is a partial or complete removal of external genitalia. The operation is prevalent mainly in Africa, as well as in several countries in Asia and the Middle East. Nowdays the world has about 125 million women who have been through this ritual. There are no medical indications for the operation.

"Scars" are stories of Gambian women who survived this procedure as a child. Many of them had to go through not only the crippling operation, but also through the realization that they suffered irreparable mutilation. For several years the country has been actively spreading information about the harm of female circumcision, which was once considered part of a cultural tradition designed to reduce a woman's sexual desire and keep her clean before the wedding. According to statistics, 76% of the country's women were subjected to the procedure.

Officially, the operation has been banned since 2015, but continues to be carried out underground to this day. There are very few cases of prosecution, and in connection with the change of power this year, many people think that the old laws are no longer valid. Whether this ritual will go to the past depends only on the consciousness of women and their relationship to this issue.