The face of a drink.
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All around the world people wake up craving a cup of coffee. It's always there, you just have to push a button and the social lubricant comes dripping out of the machine. Coffee comes from the supermarket, the café or the office canteen. It's like anything else you'd buy on a daily basis: potatoes, gasoline and fruits.

However, there's one difference: coffee is not mass-produced by big industrialized corporations. Coffee comes from the hands of 25 million smallholders. Man and women devoted to a product they will never see the result of. Most of these people will never drink a cappuccino and most office workers will never meet a coffee farmer.

There has been a big movement vouching to support and help these people. The problem with campaigns like these is that they portray coffee as the problem. But, coffee isn't the problem, it's the opportunity.

There is no need to 'help' coffee farmers; there's a need to equally distribute the wealth in the coffee value chain. I believe this starts with recognizing who they are: passionate, perseverant and devoted.