Intimate Void Room
Project info

Intimate Void Room is a large project, how large is the space that fills the frame.
Inner expressions of the subjects taken up.
A space that leaves freedom of reading of the picture, in a space that does not limit the subject in welldefined
boundaries, although these boundaries partially emerge from light. A space that is intended to
represent the enormous space and inner universe that exists deep inside the subject, as well as everyone
else people. Universe of the subjects emerges definitely through emotions and expressions. A wide interior
space which is not eventually clear and defined.
A clean cut on the bottom of the subject photographed to tell about a desired clipping, which force the
observer to complete it and at the same time to realize how incomplete is his (own) outer and inner vision.
Different subjects will tell, over time, the evolution of a narrative on the same thread, that unravel
emotions and inner stories always different.
The same space, but always new emotions every frame.

Fine-Art Printed on Etching Edition Paper 310gr(24cm x 36cm ).100%Cotton.Complies with ISO 9706.No acids, no optical brightening agents.Certified Wihelm Imaging Research e Digigraphie® by Epson