Constructed Narratives, Imagined Realities
Project info

Constructed Narratives, Imagined Realities is a series of manipulated vintage photographs, found photographs/texts and personal photographs. This work tackles universal themes such as love, family, war, death and issues such as time, memory, myth and history.
Due to the treatment of the images and their combination with obscure handwritten text the viewer is not quite sure what he/she is looking at. One could perhaps imagine that these are pages from a photo-album, a personal journal, a historical archive or an illustrated book. The boundaries between truth and fiction are deliberately blurred allowing the beholder to give birth to various meanings and associations.
For this project the value of the image as artistic artefact and creative construct is more important than the authorship of the writings and the "truthfulness" of the photographs. The ambiguous relationship between picture and text creates an uncertain environment which challenges the spectator's emotional, intellectual and imaginative faculties.