Bike Mission
Project info

The bike photographer uses the skills of a hunter. He clears his mind, tunes his peripheral vision, and stalks his prey. He hunts for bikes photographs because he is a biker and a photographer. The bikes are his lens and his link to the city.

Many bike photographs are seen, but few are captured. The conditions must be perfect. The bike and background must connect, and there can be no car. Otherwise it would be a photograph of a car.

Bikes can develop personalities, especially the older ones, and even a parked bike can radiate an absent presence, the imprint of the rider. Two bikes locked to the same pole are like lovers on a blind date.

The bike photographer sees the changing face of the city. Murals come and go, storefronts change. Old bikes are retired and new bikes are introduced. The bikes never stop weaving fleeting compositions through the urban fabric.