Cine Marrocos
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Cine Marrocos was build in the 1940's in São Paulo , Brazil , and was inaugurated in 1952 , first floor of a 12 floors building .
Was considered the best and most luxurious cinema in South America , amazing decoration , inspired in the 1001 nights , middle eastern golden age , a beautiful bar in the waiting room , 1870 spacious sets and the most advanced projection equipment at that time , for two decades it was São Paulo's high society favorite pastime .
When I was a kid , my family used to go there one or two days , usually Sundays , a month .
In 1972 in a serious decay it had to shut down , a few years later it was transformed , like most of the theaters in center São Paulo , in a adult theater . And in the 90's it had to shut their doors for good .
In 2013 the MSTS , a homeless movement in São Paulo , occupied the building where the cinema was . With 400 families and about 1600 people it was the second largest occupation in the country .
And in this past month , 09/2016 , the police found a big drug operation inside the building , and they have to evacuate the families .
The majority of the 1600 people were there because they were waiting for registration for a Govern house program . They are considered in the D class and the only place they can afford paying is in the occupations .
During the evacuation I could sneak into the Cinema and make this shots , you can see some traces of that the luxurious decor but things are in a very bad shape , water dripping and lots of damage . There are two theaters inside , one small and one very big and with a balcony , I stayed there for no more than just a few minutes , people were very angry and aggressive .
The City Government is the owner of the building and wants to transform the Marrocos in a Theater school or a University .
The City of São Paulo will gain from that !