First of the Fours (1/4)
Project info

I started creating pictures of Fours when my daughter, Carrie, asked me for an “Orange Picture” to go on her wall. Having looked through my albums I found four that I liked. I put them together and preferred the resulting group of four, so that is what I sent her.

This sparked an idea, I started to sort my other photos into fours, chosen for their similarities; shape or colour, or even their dis-similarities - opposites that just looked nice. From 64 photos I made 16 pictures, initially using Photoshop to build collages - but all based on my own original photographs.

So far I have 4 sets of 16. I’ve evolved from manipulating them in Photoshop to photos straight from the camera. The original 16 have been framed (50cm x 50cm). The next three sets have also been framed (but in different sizes).