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Gita Photos is a Banff National Park based landscape photography studio. The building blocks of light, line, shape, texture, form, pattern and color are constantly put on display in the natural world. In the words of John Berger, art critic (Ways of Seeing, Penguin Books, 1972) “Every time we look at a photograph, we are aware, however slightly, of the photographer selecting that sight from an infinity of other possible sights.” My aim is to engage the viewer, however slightly, in a realization of the praise I offer by recording the image of a moment of beauty that is on display in the landscape.
This comes from my fascination with the moment, the moment that establishes the sight I’ve chosen to make an image from. Photography is ideally suited to this process, since the moment that is captured is singular and will not pass by again. A photograph is a record of a never-to-be-repeated moment of creation unfolding in time. There will be other moments and other times when the sights, as I look and see, will stir my emotions. However, any particular sight, captured with the flash of the shutter, is a unique and utterly singular moment that will never be seen again. Yet the design in the created world is such that the landscape never stops offering sights of wonder, sights worthy of praise and of being recorded.