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“Street Photography” is for me just the way to transform standard urban moments is something extraordinary with a bit of irony to catch them.
I believe in the “Carpe Diem” and in the Colors. I consider the Street Photography a “One Shot” non-programmed form of visual expression where passion, curiosity, reactivity (..and sometime just luck…) cause a sort of short-circuit in my brain and tell “SHOOT NOW”. The passion and the instinctive part of my mind have always traveled by hand with color, as it is written in the introduction of the magnificent book "The Suffering of Light" by Alex Webb (one of the Street Masters) "COLORS ARE ACTION AND SOFFERING OF LIGHT "
Color, in its infinite nuances, makes the gray and monotonous daily life, an occasion I never want to give up, with the risk of going against the rocks, with a “black and white” that is more and more appreciated and considered to be a pure photography without External contaminations ... citing the group's song that made the soundtrack to my life (the Rolling Stones): Street Photography ... "She's a Rainbow"

And Chicago is my Rainbow Street City, where the multi ethnicity of its inhabitants and the many cultural facets are almost perfect there, just put them in the right "frame" ... in Colors. Obvious!

All mages has been taken during Chicago Street Photography Experience 2016 (