"Come smell the nitro"
Project info

In my final year at RMIT University (2016) I became interested in how identity is expressed through subcultures. As a result, I became fascinated by the culture surrounding cars in Australia, both as a symbol of freedom and an expression of masculinity. In particular though, I was fascinated by the environment it brings. This excitement and adrenaline was something I wanted to explore.
In addition to a long period of time immersed in a community in regional Victoria, I traveled Australia to source these events. The people I met were compassionate and welcoming, and I began to question the stigma around the sport. Even though I found a connection with the community, I still couldn’t understand the love the community had for the sport. Navigating this tension, became the final project.
"Come smell the nitro" shows how the investigation through photography can reveal the beauty in some of the most hostile environments.