City Of Palaces
Project info

During the British Raj Kolkata was described as a city of palaces, but those days are long gone. Today the name of the city is more likely to conjure up images of extreme poverty, dysfunctional infrastructure, and urban decay. But those notions aren't completely fair. While I've frequently found Kolkata to be challenging, I've also discovered it to be one of the most dynamic places I've ever visited. Everyday the streets of this post - colonial city offer up a cast of characters struggling to find their place in the life of modern India.

As someone who practices what's loosely termed "street photography", I've attempted to create a series of images that evoke some of the atmosphere and sense of place that I've discovered in this complex urban setting. As such, these photographs are more poetic than unambiguously declarative in nature, so I encourage viewers to use their imaginations to form their own links, resonances, and personal meanings.